Hi, I’m Chandler Tso!

Through my professional life, I’ve hopped from gig to gig, learning and adapting to the various needs of each unique assiment. So far, I’ve cultivated a number of skills and developed insights into numerous industries and operations.

I’m interested / an expert in social-good media strategies and marketing. By this, I am saying that I enjoy working on projects which help people and society through media and marketing.

Curently, I am a recruitment marketer for The City of Los Angeles tasked with attracting optimal and diverse canadidates to the LAPD and the LAFD.

To be honest, after having examined the industry in its entirety, I think I am the best person in America at what I do. I believe I am able to do far more with fewer resources and create my own success through creativity and ingenuity.
I know this all sounds really pretentious and arrogant, but after missing a very important opportunity in the past because I “didn’t fully demonstrate my strengths and accomplishments with confidence” (- some senior at an elite consulting firm), I’ve decided to be as upfront, outspoken, and magniloquent as possible.

If you are interested in working together, talking, or need anything, feel free to reach out!  Feel free to contact me through email, linkedin, social media, or this: form

Below you can find various samples of my work!