Work Experience

  • Full-time recruitment marketing for the LAPD and the LAFD
  • Part-timeĀ  recruitment marketing for the City of Los Angeles
  • Part-time marketing and sales consulting for two small businesses
  • Full-time sales as an account manager for a computer supplies company
  • Political canvasser for a Californian State Senator

Education Experience

  • University of Southern California – Master of Public Administration
    • Communicating Public Policy
    • Digital, Social and Mass Media Public Relations Strategies for Government Organizations
    • Capstone
      • for the City of Pico Rivera
      • Best-use strategies for Social Media
      • PR and Branding Strategies
      • Communications of Polical Emergencies
  • University of Southern California – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    • Data Analysis for Decision Making
    • Marketing Fundamentals
    • Communication Strategy in Business
    • Mastering Decision Making (Cognitive Psychology on Hueristics and Biases)

Informal Work and Education Experiences

  • Hubspot Inbound

Noteable Experiences Explained


My Marketing Mentality