1. Mick Jenkins, Samsa, Aesop Rock


Mick Jenkins – Alchemy
Samsa – Cuttlefish
Aesop Rock – Kirby
Marlon Craft – Shithole
Milo – An Encylcopedia


Mick Jenkins – Alchemy off of the EP Waves

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpT4iD3NRA0

Take off them water wings, I’m losing water weight, I been on creatine
Curing my countenance, creating this gold from the lead in my pencil
I think I’m a alchemist

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Samsa – cuttlefish

Song: https://soundcloud.com/offthejump/samsa-cuttlefish

I was a manatee
You- you were a cuttlefish,
I moved in cavalcades, lumbering
You could choreograph a ballad in the muscle tissue of a subtle twitch
Masquerade as something other, make your outer colors switch
I was sculpted out of slate, you grew out a floral wreath
I had dorsal flippers, you had tentacles and plural feet
And twisted past the crevices and left me by the coral reef

Bereft of thought, left abroad
Always acted like you spoke the breath of God
Concrete cephalopod
Of course you couldn’t let me in
Coagulate your casing when I touched you with my ventral fin
Polaroids with exes, you had emerald skin, several tints
Watched your soma shimmer when you texted him
I’ve seen all your colors fade, it’s me that you’ve lost interest in
Beige or blue at home but you could toggle through a range of hues
Flash an orange smile to men that you were just a stranger to
Never was a creature that you couldn’t change into
Nothing complicated for you mimic octopus, what can’t you do
Stage yourself an angelfish, change to an electric eel
Arrange yourself in halo rings, conduct a charge of sex appeal

zefrank1 – Cuttlefish Video

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Aesop rock – kirby

song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T_KKiQiolk

Hobgoblin, shots of hot Strongid
Vaccine queen deem church socks hostage
9 weeks awesome, hides in a slipper
Look in her eye like she might be a wizard
Cold met a cat lady in a parking lot
She got the heroes of tomorrow in a cardboard box
And probably hoarding 40 more in the corners of Fort Knox
Swap 20 on the spot and cop the warlock

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Marlon Craft – Shithole

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYojNZsWhGI

tell me what a shithole look like, where we move heaven in earth
for a couple of men’s net worth while we let our poor live in dirt
where lies are national, and fashionable trumps factual
where we don’t know what just is, justice is laughable?

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Milo – an encylcopedia

song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlp1jd-xUIw

They gave us Mavis Beacon and slavish deacons
Who predicate upon
Who pontificate upon
Who conversate upon
But never hand-grenade a palm
They find refuge muttering
“The patriarchy is on auto-pilot”
With prayer beads and solemnity
We, Urban Outfitters, would like to make a t-shirt
Out of your just-born soliloquy

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